Boost your location with a Robobarista

The Smyze Robobarista is suitable for various locations: to relieve the pressure on high frequency locations, but also to revitalise niche locations on off-peak times. Almost without personnel expenses and with low maintenance costs.

The right drink at the right moment

Smyze at your event

Are you looking for the wow factor for your event and would like to relieve your staff at the same time? Then the Smyze Robobarista is the ideal solution: eye-catching, effective and futuristic.

Smyze is on the way

On the road offering the right drink at the right moment? At Smyze, the same top quality is always available - freshly prepared. At any time, even at night, without the need for staff.

Smyze for the short breaks

How about sustainable barista coffee for your employees and customers? Smyze offers over 50 drinks – from coffee to cola, from flat white to vitamin water. The right drink for everyone at any time of the year - and any time of the day.

How Smyze can also revitalise your business


Smyze makes you curious


Open 24/7 - without staff


High quality and sustainability


Smyze relieves and inspires


Low operating costs

Quality and sustainability


Eversys Coffee Machine

Eversys is a master at creating 'True Espresso with a touch'. The optimal extraction process, which works against gravity, extracts the maximum from each bean. Based on the syrupy essence, outstanding coffee drinks can be created that meet the high quality criteria of a barista in terms of taste and texture.


TURM Coffee

Organic Fairtrade Coffee from TURM is an exquisite gourmet blend suitable for any coffee drink, which has an aromatic richness. One immediately recognizes the spicy, slightly refreshing aroma notes of the high-quality, Central American Arabica. Due to the balance between acidity and bitterness, the fruity aromas with a chocolate-like note also come into their own.


Recyclable cups

We use coffee cups made of paper, which are biodegradable. Also biodegradable are the PLA (polylactide) cups for our beverages, which meet the requirements of DIN13432.


Reduced CO2 footprint

All of the drinks are prepared fresh and on site. This reduces transport journeys and results in a lower carbon footprint compared to PET and glass bottles.



« Smyze generates attention for our location! The collaboration is simple and straightforward. We want to implement more projects with Smyze, they make us modern and innovative. »

Thomas Ebensberger

Catering Manager, MAAG Music & Arts AG

« The Robobarista has completely shaken up our beverage service! With his cool technology and super customer experience, he sets new standards and has attracted many customers to our showroom! »

Peter Schmid

Head of new mobility hub – AMAG Import AG



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The technology behind it: how Smyze works


drinks on offer


cloud-based software

4 m2





in operation


drinks per hour

Smyze orchestrates over a hundred components with its own software – including the dispensing system, the coffee machine, its arm and the ice machine. In addition, the Swiss robobarista informs the control center about his daily business, with his sensors acting as a nervous system: They report the status each minute, which then is continuously communicated to the departments.

How to get a Robobarista?


Partner Buy In 40’000 CHF for 50% of Revenues

Frequently asked question about the Smyze Robobarista

How fast is the Robobarista?

The Robobarista can deliver more than 100 drinks per hour, and it can make your favorite drink in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Where can I experience the Robobarista live?

You can check the map for more information: All of our current locations are listed there.

Is the Robobarista manufactured in Switzerland?

Yes. The Smyze Robobarista is manufactured in Switzerland by our engineering team.

Does the Robobarista also serve alcoholic beverages?

We can easily add alcoholic beverages to your menu. It depends on the location environment, and whether we are legally allowed to do so.

How high are the error rates?

The Smyze Robobarista has an error rate < 1% if maintained following our instructions.

How do we organize cleaning and refilling?

Cleaning and refilling takes only 30 minutes per day. We have special manuals and training for the cleaning staff to make the process run smoothly.

Is it possible to easily transport/move the Robobarista?

Yes. The Robobarista can be easily transported and moved.

Your Smyze contact

Do you have questions about the Robobarista? Or maybe you want a personalized partnership offer for your location? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Daniel Adamec