About Smyze

Smyze serves the right drink in the right moment: at urban hotspots, during events and wherever people feel like having a cool refreshment or coffee on the go. Individual, efficient and eye-catching.

Swiss Engineering

Smyze is revolutionising B2C beverage sales. Developed in Switzerland, the bar concept combines Robotics, IT and beverage technology – and the know-how of our international team. The latest findings from everyday use flow directly back into our engineering.

Taste Quality

Smyze stands for the highest food quality and personal drinking pleasure. We rely on specialised partners and systematic curation, based on trends, market analyses and user data. You can save or customise your favourite drinks via the app.


Smyze combines a unique variety of drinks with a futuristic appearance. The Robobar relieves busy locations of supply bottlenecks, but also revitalises niche locations or off-peak times. Smyze is a win-win for guests and operators: with the right drink in the right moment.


Not long ago, an ambitious team of engineers decided to develop a Robobarista that could freshly prepare a variety of different drinks all by itself. That was in 2020, and since then, international experts in all the major fields have joined in to bring the Swiss Robobarista to the world. Smyze comes from the English slang word »smize«, which translates as »smiling with your eyes« and describes the enthusiastic eyes of the people who get to see the Robobarista.

How did it all start?

A team of highly skilled technicians and Software Engineers were brainstorming how a collaborative robotic arm could be used to create a product that is truly exciting and can be used to create a complete robotic offering which be used to interact with everyday people and do something useful - and not being hidden in nameless production facilities. 

Then the idea of a robotic bar came up, and the team went to work to assemble a first prototype to be built into an existing bar and serve alcoholic cocktails. It was presented at an event, and the success was huge. It really brought smiles on people’s faces and was working constantly the whole evening and night (well, the alcohol was free…). 


How did a true product emerge from this idea? 

The team, together with an investor, decided to make a commercial product out of this prototype, and soon Smyze was born. The name Smyze comes from the English slang word “to smize”, which means “smiling with your eyes”, which represented very well the objective of putting a smile on people’s faces while doing something truly useful. 


Soon, the first Smyze Robobarista version was built and installed in a rented shop in Zurich, Switzerland – all this after only 7 months after the company launch. The aim was to test the product in real life, as the team wanted to understand what it takes to build an exciting, but also highly reliable product.



After thousands of drinks served, the Smyze Robobarista was constantly improved with the aim of continuing the excitement, but at the same time make the highly complex system very reliable and remotely controllable. Over 20 different locations were tested, and many product iterations developed until the team felt comfortable to scale the product commercially at the End of 2022.


What were the product objectives and what differentiates Smyze from other Robobaristas?

From the beginning, the key targets of the Smyze Robobarista were:

  • Offering a broad range of fresh drinks ranging from Barista-Quality Coffee specialties through self-developed Mocktails to Vitamin drinks. Today more than 50 drinks are being offered
  • Keeping the compact dimensions so that it can be placed easily in many locations
  • Constantly improving the visual appearance of the bar to create a true wow-effect
  • Keeping branding and brand positioning consistent, using highly emotional visuals and a consistent brand language
  • Offering a creative business model to locations partners to make the product commercially attractive to locations partners as well as to Swiss Smyze
  • Making the product very reliable, as it is places in many remote locations around the world, while enabling remote access to all main robotic bar functions

Did Swiss Smyze achieve its objectives so far?

Absolutely. We have a very attractive and stable robotic bar with drinks that are loved by our customers. We have sold over 100’000 drinks and the bar is running commercially in around 10 locations in Switzerland, Germany, China and Canada. And more importantly, we are getting daily requests to place our bar in very attractive locations around the world.

What are the next objectives in 2024 and beyond?

2024 is the year we are scaling our locations while improving production and customer support to support the targeted growth. At the same time, we are working on our next version, which will be designed to allow the Swiss Robobarista to be placed outdoors in any location. And of course, we continue to position Swiss Smyze as the leading Robobarista brand globally with locations partners and happy customers.


Business Partners 


Smyze is a young, and fast developing start-up. We build on the diverse skills and personalities to realise revolutionary products. Would you like to support us on this journey? Here you can find our vacancies.

Investor Relations

Do you want to invest in our start-up? Do you see an interesting opportunity for a cooperation? Then you can contact us directly via  e-mail .