Image of What is the Robobarista up to at the Hallenstadion in Zurich?


What is the Robobarista up to at the Hallenstadion in Zurich?

Futuristic delight - The Swiss Robobarista from Smyze conquers the hearts of concertgoers at the Hallenstadion in Zurich.

The Robobarista was announced as a new employee at the Hallenstadion and shortly thereafter served the enthusiastic fans of Iron Maiden, Elton John, Nicky Jam, The Scorpions and others. His task is clear: to support the staff during peak times and to complement the existing beverage offer.with his diverse range of drinks from barista coffees to vitamin drinks and colorful sodas.

Guests at the various concerts surrounded the Robobarista immediately after the doors opened. Most of them had never seen anything like it before and immediately wanted to record The Robobarista on their smartphone cameras. While the futuristic-looking Roboarm continuously prepared one drink after the other, the concertgoers enjoyed the futuristic drink preparation. The best sellers in the early summer heat of Zurich were Coffee Latte Fredo, Iced Latte, Coconut Dream and Pineapple Sunrise, which the Robobarista put into his applauding mini-elevators in no time and without getting tired. From the mini-elevators, visitors could receive their drink. In doing so, he advertises his slogan as "your drink in a wink 😉"

Smyze is a start-up from Zurich that developed and produces the Swiss Robobaristas not far from the Hallenstadion. Smyze advertises that it serves the right drink at the right moment: at urban hotspots, during events, and wherever people feel like a cool refreshment or coffee "on the go". Individual, efficient and eye catching!

Phillipp Musshafen, the CEO of the Hallenstadion, was pleased with this pilot project and says: "I was very impressed with the Swiss Robobarista. It brought innovation to the Hallenstadion and served top quality drinks, even during our very busy events. Highly recommended."

With that, it's easy to answer the question of what the Robobarista does at Hallenstadion Zurich. The Robobarista delights the waiting spectators with futuristic entertainment and relieves the gastropub staff during peak times with its beverage service.