Image of Smyze Robotic Drink Bar expands further


Smyze Robotic Drink Bar expands further

Swiss Smyze AG, the developer and operator of the Smyze Robotic bar, announces the opening of two new locations at the end of August and in October 2021, adding to its three existing operations in Switzerland. The two new locations will be in Bern and Basel, two major cities in Switzerland. Visit our newest location at the premium Shopping Mall “Westside” close to Bern, where we are right inside the main entrance (, opening on August 26th! The company is operating its robotic bars directly and is cooperating with real estate owners and location operators to place its robotic drinks bar in attractive venues. It has so far sold 15,000 drinks with exponential growth. The drink offering comprises over 40 high-quality Coffees, Soft drinks and Mocktail drinks, with constantly changing offerings. Its database can analyze most popular beverages and adapt the menu and taste based on season and customer demand. The Coffees and other drinks are of the highest quality with many options for the client to customize the drinks on the bar tablet or in the Smyze App. For inquiries, please write to