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North America!!!

Smyze opens first Robobarista in Canada, Edmonton

We're thrilled to announce that SMYZE has officially landed in North America, partnering with Vender Convenience in downtown Edmonton for our first venture in North America. Opened in July, this innovative store introduces our cutting-edge Robobarista to Edmonton's already buzzing coffee scene. A big thank you to our great partner James Johnson!

Why Edmonton?

Tech Affinity: Our Robobarista seamlessly fits into Edmonton’s tech-savvy landscape, a city known for embracing digital innovations.

Coffee Enthusiasts: The city’s vibrant coffee culture makes it the perfect playground for our Robobarista's capabilities.


What to Expect

Vender Convenience offers a cashless, app-based system that allows for quick, line-free shopping 24/7. We're excited that our Robobarista is now a part of this future-forward retail environment, promising to deliver your favorite beverages with precision and flair.

Daniel Adamec, our CEO, says, “We couldn't have asked for a better city than Edmonton to introduce our Robobarista in North America.”


About SMYZE:
Founded in 2020, we’ve captivated Swiss beverage enthusiasts by merging robotics with the art of drink-making.

About Vender Convenience:
Open 24-7 in downtown Edmonton, offering hassle-free shopping through their intuitive app.