Image of New Collaboration with EDEKA El-Mustapha


New Collaboration with EDEKA El-Mustapha

We are proud to announce a significant collaboration with EDEKA El-Mustapha in Germany, marking the launch of our newest Swiss Robobarista. This partnership is a strategic move to enhance our presence in the European market and reflects our shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

At EDEKA El-Mustapha, customers can now enjoy the convenience and technology of our Swiss Robobarista, which serves a wide range of beverages including coffees, vitamin drinks, and soft drinks. This collaboration not only extends our reach but also enriches the shopping experience for EDEKA customers with Swiss precision and quality.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners and everyone involved for their hard work and dedication in making this launch possible. We invite you to visit EDEKA El-Mustapha to experience this innovative partnership in action.