Image of From Innovation to Global Expansion: The Swiss Smyze AG Story 🤖


From Innovation to Global Expansion: The Swiss Smyze AG Story 🤖

Our story continues building further. How? Let's have a deeper dive!

In the heart of Zurich, Smyze was born with a simple yet bold idea: to revolutionize the beverage experience with technology. What began as a dream has now become a global phenomenon, with our Robobarista leading the way.

How did the early days look like? ⌛

Our journey started with a passionate team led by Daniel Adamec. We wanted to create an automated barista that could deliver high-quality coffee consistently with just the touch of a button. After many brainstorming sessions, prototypes, and long nights, the Robobarista was finally ready.

Launching the First Robobarista

We introduced our Robobarista in Zurich, and the response was incredible. Customers were amazed by the sleek design and the ease of getting their favorite coffee and refreshments instantly. The Robobarista didn't just serve beverages; it created a new experience.


Partnerships that Propel Us Forward 🚀

A key milestone was partnering with Eversys SA. For almost four years, Eversys machines have been essential to our Robobarista's success, ensuring every cup meets the highest quality standards. This partnership allowed us to focus on growing and improving our technology.

Expanding Horizons: From Zurich to the World 🌍

Our success in Zurich opened new doors. We expanded beyond Switzerland, placing our Robobarista in busy locations like EDEKA Kulinarikwelten Stengel, EDEKA El-Mustapha with Julian EL-Mustapha, and Görtz Holding GmbH. Each new spot brought its own challenges and wins, but our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction stayed strong.

Global Recognition and Media Spotlight 🚨

Our innovative approach caught the attention of various media outlets, including LZ direkt magazine, which featured our integration at Edeka Nürnberg. These stories highlight the impact of our technology and the strong partnerships that fuel our success. Each feature reflects our dedication to creating a new, unique customer experience and innovation.


Join Us on Our Journey 🤝

We invite you to follow our journey and see how Smyze is changing the way people enjoy their beverages. Whether you're a beverage and coffee lover, a tech enthusiast, or someone who appreciates innovation, there's something for everyone in the world of Smyze.

Are you interested in bringing a Robobarista to your location? Contact us today and let's start a new journey!